Friday, July 8, 2011

Wood ‘N Soldier: tribute to a brave husband

tribute to a brave husband during underemployment daze
Source: Family photos

He scavenges the woods for ruined timber, mostly expired cedar trees, then drags them to safety like a well-trained soldier refusing to leave the wounded behind.

Scampering up clay paths lined with scrubby brush, he tosses the pieces over the fence into his suburban backyard and begins to fortify the fallen. 

Some bodies are solid, others are frail reeds.

Surgery ensues at base camp - a brick pad behind the garage.

Blades and beads. String and stain. 
Tools of the trade plied during private conversation.

Some time passes before he heaves the transformed trunk or twigs upon his shoulder to return them to the forest floor. 

Battle-scarred and oddly beautiful.

Mission accomplished.